multipurpose throwaways

It all starts in 1971, in Sicily.
The story of DACCA is one of a mediterranean enterprise which had the know-how to transform the geographical disadvantage into precious opportunities for development, side by side with the professional capability in production and management of its warehouse, new competence in logistics, commercialization and marketing. The pioneering spirit and the farsightedness of the founders were, in the recent years, enriched by enthusiasm and the energy of the second generation of entrepreneurs, ready to compete with the national market and to discuss with the known concerns of Modern Distribution. Energy, solidity and business quality - a circle of 360 degrees - put DACCA on top of one of the leading companies in Italy.

In 1971 the founders decide, after experiencing a representation of disposable plastic products, to manage an organized sale with their own brand. The DACCA of those times is a commercial enterprise which handles with so-called “plates light as a veil” and glasses for vending machines which distribute drinks, sold in pic-nic packs with a limited production capacity. Indeed, the market is still restricted and directed towards seasonal and emergency-consumption. In 1975 DACCA goes into mass production and at the end of the 70-s it concentrates its energy on the organization of a network regarding diffusion of sales in Sicily, also in Calabria and in Campania – the more profitable Mediterranean areas because of the frequent water shortage that, as is the case in Sicily, motivates the purchase of plastic disposable kitchenware.

The 80-s are the boom years in this field, determined by a new prosperity and by the evolution of the Italian distribution system: the single sales practise decreases rapidly to the advantage of the wholesalers and to the Organized Distribution, in which sector DACCA begins to form profitable relationships.
At the end of the 80-s 50% of the turnover came only from Sicily, the rest was divided between Calabria, Campania, Puglia, Lazio and Sardinia. These are the years of the industrial structuring of the concern and the years of great profits.

In the 90-s DACCA measures itself towards a more evolved market, the GDO market, by now already present in the whole national territory. That involves the necessity to invest at maximum level in order to renew the entire production system and therefore to be in the position to deal with more and more aggressive competitors. The power of DACCA was fully revealed in this step of the drastic change, marked by the computerization and the consequent increased dynamics of the business management, but above all the change of leadership of the company, which occured naturally, as it belongs to a concern which has always had
interpersonal relationships regarding human relations as one of its most important distinctive features.



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