multipurpose throwaways
The productive cycle

How is a piece of disposable kitchenware born?
The raw material composed of shockproofed polystyrene-grains and crystal-polystyrene, is sucked up by pumps and conferred to gravimetric batching plants. Here the material is weighed, stirred and sent to an extruder which transforms these grains into a film of a homogeneous thickness and adds the crystal film to the polystyrene film which makes the plate shining and waterproof. Through a special oven for thermoforming the film is heated up again by infra-red radiation and is sent to the mould. Producing these plates the film is first of all formed, then punched and counted. As far as the glasses the film is punched and then sent to the rim.
Subsequently the kitchenware is sent to the automatic packaging and cartoning machines. The automatization of the entire process ensures the maximum hygiene of the products which are never touched by hand. Every step of the process is under frequent control by supervisors.
DACCA dedicates itself to its customers’ needs, by continuously investing into technological development and quality of the production process, such as the traceability of products, from the packaging to the final carton.



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